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Beyond Lessons: Sailing the Digital Seas with a Compassionate Compass

At the heart of every classroom, be it in a bustling school or a prestigious university, lies a commitment to molding bright, curious & caring minds.


At Connecting Humans,  We've always held a deep reverence for this commitment. Throughout our journey, we've seen firsthand the challenges educators face: blending the timeless with the modern, ensuring that every educator feels supported and heard, and constantly adapting to equip students for a world that's forever evolving.

Yet, with these challenges, we've noticed something remarkable.


Beyond the role of sharing knowledge, educators have gracefully embraced multiple roles: the role of tech-savvy innovators, empathetic listeners, and compassionate mentors. It's an intricate dance, balancing so many roles while also caring for one's own well-being.

It's here that the beauty and power of coaching, coupled with workshop facilitation, truly shines. We genuinely believe that through personalized coaching, educators can uncover their unique strengths, address challenges with renewed vigor, and refine their approach to resonate deeply with every student they encounter. Workshops offer a nurturing space for collective growth, where shared experiences become stepping stones to a brighter educational future.

Our heart beats for one simple yet profound mission: to ensure every educator feels empowered, supported, and cherished. Because when they thrive, the ripple effects are felt in every lesson they deliver, every student they inspire, and every future they help shape. And in nurturing our educators, we believe we're playing a small part in lighting the path for the next generation.

Are these some of the challenges you're facing?

Let us assist you in achieving success!


Our team has years of experience in leadership, management, strategy and change management. We offer a wide range of services including:

Educational Leadership Coaching

Personalized support for academic leaders, enabling them to refine their administrative and leadership prowess, ensuring excellence in educational environments.

Academic Team

Tailored guidance for teaching and administrative teams, fostering improved communication, seamless collaboration, and elevated academic outcomes.

Faculty Leadership Growth Programs


Curated training modules designed to cultivate leadership potential within educators, enhancing their capability to guide and inspire students.

Institutional Strategy & Transformation Support

Strategic support for educational institutions to optimize performance, seamlessly adapt to change, and achieve visionary academic objectives

Educator Wellness & Safe Academic Spaces

Dedicated initiatives and resources prioritizing the mental well-being of educators and fostering psychologically safe atmospheres

Effective Communication & Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Comprehensive programs nurturing advanced communication skills in educators, emphasizing empathetic interactions and fostering emotional understanding

Our services are tailored to empower education providers, schools, and universities in realizing their academic visions, bolstering staff and faculty engagement, and instigating progressive change. Whether you're aiming to hone leadership capabilities, amplify team efficacy, or navigate institutional transformations, we stand by your side, ready to assist.

About the Coach



Brief Background

From the halls of renowned universities to the vibrant classrooms of prestigious business schools, our lead coach has traversed an enriching educational journey. Holding two Master's Degrees, one Bachelor Degree and having witnessed firsthand the transformative power of education, both in his personal evolution and in the scholastic journeys of his children, he recognizes the intricate layers that form the world of education. 


Yet, the question arises - who supports the supporters? Who mentors the educators and those striving to enlighten young minds? Seeing this heartfelt need, he felt a genuine calling to stand beside, guide, and uplift those who dedicate themselves to the noble mission of education.


Committing to the highest standards of excellence and genuine engagement, our lead coach boasts the esteemed ICF PCC certification. His dedication to fostering a holistic approach to education is further manifested by his extensive training at internationally recognized institutions. This robust educational background ensures an in-depth comprehension of the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that education providers, schools, and universities encounter in today's dynamic landscape.

Why not make sure you're in the hands of a professional ?

Coaching can be an invaluable tool. But how do you know you're getting the best professional for your teams and organization ?

Click here to find out how our certification demonstrate our commitment to professional standards and ethics, and ensure that you receive the best coaching experience possible.


Don't settle for anything less - trust in us - as we have been recognized for our excellence in the field.


Our experience and professional certifications distinguish us as a leading provider of professional coaching in Ottawa and the Outaouais region since 2019. 

With years of training and experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to help education providers, schools and universities to reach their goals and achieve success.

We provide the rare and powerful combination of training, mentoring, and coaching, in both official languages (English and French)  

In addition, our professional certifications demonstrate our commitment to upholding the highest standards in the fields of

- professional coaching

- mental health & psychological safety
- project management

- change management

This makes us your best choice for professional & strategy support in Ontario & Quebec


We are certified by leading organizations, such as the International Coach Federation, Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen’s University, Canadian Mental Health Association, Mental Health Commission of Canada, Project Management Institute and Prosci. We regularly participate in continuing education to stay current on the latest coaching techniques and strategies.

We are dedicated to helping our clients succeed and strive to provide the highest quality coaching services available.

Industry-recognized certifications 

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Our Methodology

At Connecting Humans, we believe in building kind, respectful, and authentic connections with our clients. Our team has a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by our clients


Our coaching, consulting, and training methods are designed to support the specific needs of their organizations and help them achieve their goals. By focusing on building strong relationships and delivering personalized, results-driven solutions, we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed.


To learn about the different methodologies we offer and how they can benefit your organization, click below

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