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Introducing our unique coaching, advisory, mentoring, training and consulting boutique where exceptional leadership development meets unparalleled expertise.

Founded in 2019, we are the leading provider of strategic advisory & consulting, professional coaching, agile & change management, as well as mental health - psychological safety and neuro-linguistic expertise. Our bilingual, internationally experienced team sets us apart in the industry as the premier choice for top-level executives and teams.


With a proven track record of success and a commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to helping you achieve peak performance and reach new heights.


Take your organization, leadership & teams and career to the next level with us.


Discover the benefits of our coaching, training, and advisory services through the firsthand experiences shared in the testimonials of our satisfied clients


« Thierry Leroy displayed a deep understanding of our organization's challenges and strategic goals during crucial strategic discussions with key stakeholders.
His unwavering commitment to open and transparent communication fostered an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding among all stakeholders.
His ability to synthesize diverse perspectives and align them towards a shared vision was instrumental in driving our modernization project forward and ensuring its ultimate success. »


« Thierry Leroy exceeded our expectations by fostering a mindset shift within the department, enabling us to become more agile, more efficient and trusted. 

His dedication to reinforcing learning activities and providing course correction for Agile principles and practices across all teams has significantly contributed to the positive outcomes we have experienced. »


« Thierry Leroy was a crucial member of our strategy and advisory team, whose contributions have left a lasting impact on our project and organization. 

His professionalism, expertise, and exceptional interpersonal skills make him an asset to any team or project, especially those within complex, hierarchical, and politically charged environments. »

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