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Introducing our unique coaching, advisory, mentoring, training and consulting boutique where exceptional leadership development meets unparalleled expertise.

Founded in 2019, we are the leading provider of professional coaching, strategic advisory & consulting, agile & change management, as well as mental health - psychological safety and neuro-linguistic expertise. Our bilingual, internationally experienced team sets us apart in the industry as the premier choice for top-level executives and teams.


With a proven track record of success and a commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to helping you achieve peak performance and reach new heights.


Take your organization, leadership & teams and career to the next level with us.


Discover the benefits of our coaching, training, and advisory services through the firsthand experiences shared in the testimonials of our satisfied clients


« Thierry provided invaluable coaching on Agile methodology and scrum ceremonies to our team at Canadian Heritage.
Over the course of two years where he guided the team to set up a Vision Board for the project, develop solid practices and structure to successfully manage the project. 

Thierry’s skill, leadership and coaching set the project on a course for success. I greatly appreciate all that Thierry brought to the team and to me personally as I took on my first Agile based project management experience. It was a pleasure working with him. 

I highly recommend Thierry and Connecting Humans.»

Coaching & Mentoring

« Thierry is a consummate professional!
He approaches his coaching with a genuine and personal care that makes his coachees feel truly seen and heard. He is always focused on developing and improving others and seeks ways to support that development in the ways he coaches and mentors.
Thierry has completely transformed the way I see the values and principles of Agile and Scrum, as well as the way I see my own role within my organization. I will always be grateful for the powerful influence he has had on me personally and professionally! »

Strategic Workshops

« Where to start? Thierry is unique in his presence.
He knows how to truly listen and “connect” people together. Our Executives team had some challenges to work together. I brought Thierry in, and as master facilitator coach, he really helped us by asking the right questions and listening. A++»

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